Imaging window nanofabricated by direct laser writing for intravital assessment of biomaterials

Duration 14/01/2018 – 13/07/2021 – Funded by MIUR-FARE2017 – G.A. nr R16ZNN2R9K

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Project abstract

New biomaterials must be tested carefully following specific regulations that are based on the histopathological analysis of tissues from experimental animals. Such protocols are ethically undesirable, expensive and subjective. Routine clinical use of bulk biomaterials require the reduction of the costs of these biocompatibility tests, which have become unsustainable for small-medium industries.

Therefore, I aim at the development of a radically new method and relevant protocols for intravital optical imaging of cells dynamics in response to biomaterial implantation. I will develop a miniaturized chip and I will implant it subcutaneously in transgenic mice expressing fluorescent immune cells. The implanted chip will host a sample of biomaterial and will be colonized in situ by the mouse tissue. The chip, built by two-photon laser polymerization, will contain a micro-scaffold with features of the size in the range 30-50 micrometres and will act as an atlas to reposition the field of view for repeated intravital observations of cells by two-photon fluorescence microscopy.

This technological platform will allow unprecented quantitative and continuous analyses of the host inflammatory response to implants using real time longitudinal studies by intravital imaging of the chips without sacrificing the mice. This project will have a scientific impact on the quantitative analysis of the host reaction to biomaterial implant or, in perspective, to pharmaceutical treatments as well. This will be made possible by the implementation of adaptive optics methods in microscopy, assisted by the use of laser-printed microstructures acting as fluorescent beacons. Its future development will have an ethical impact on reduction of the number of animals sacrificed in biomaterials/drug testing and an economic impact on reduction of the developmental costs of new biomaterials.


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